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My services

As a specialist of dog's behavior in its environment, I work essentially at the dog's home, and on the dog's usual places of frequentation. In other words, I work as close as possible to the daily life of the animal and its family, in order to grasp all the details of its environment, and to guide you as well as possible in the possible adaptations that ce can made to improve your life with your dog.

My goal is NOT to "break" your dog and change his personnality, but to help you understand him and improve your relationship, and to make you autonomous and proactive in setting up a solid, coherent and benevolent educational base. My job, my final mission, is to create and strengthen balanced pairs (or family units), in which everyone's needs are met and respected.

I offer personalized support, ALWAYS preceded by a behavioral evaluation at home or by videoconference (depending on the situation and needs), to help you understand and eliminate the following problems :


- Dirtiness/destruction/barking

- Anxiety, chronic stress

- Agressivity towards humans and other dogs

- Tricky behaviors to manage outside: difficult recall, dog pulling on the leash, communication with other dogs...

- Predation, movment reactivity

- Cohabitation in a multidogs household

- Separation anxiety: I work on this very specific problem  ONLY BY VIDEO-CONFERENCE, proposing a specific work plan and a particular pricing, for organization reasons and non-interference with the dog's habits. Do not hesitate to contact me to find out more about my support services for separation anxiety.

I also offer pre and post-adoption sessions for puppies or adult dogs: I guide you in the process of adoption, according to your profile, your lifestyle and your wishes, and help you get a good start in your relationship with your companion 


éducateur canin Bagnères-de-Bigorre

Training & Behavior Consultations

- Behavioral evaluation
(between 1h30 and 2h) at home: 60€

- Individual session
(mandatory evaluation beforehand): 40€

-  3 sessions package :
110€ (10€ savings)

- 5 sessions package :
180€ (20 euros savings)

-10 sessions package :
350€ (50 euros savings)

- Videoconference evaluations and sessions 
(Pre and post-adoption puppy/adult dog, remote clients...): 50€ for the behavioral evaluation

40€ for each session

Degressive pricing for multiple sessions

Free travel
within a radius of 15km around Bagneres-de-Bigorre and Arcizac-Adour.
Beyond that point, kilometers are charged
extra (0,30 cts per kilometer)

For each behavioral evaluation,
a detailed written report
is included in the price

éducateur canin Tarbes

Collective walks

Collective walks in small groups (5 dogs maximum), easy level (little or no difference in altitude)

Work on socialization, recall, learning canine codes, discovery of new environments...

10€ per dog (decreasing rate if several dogs from the same household)

*Before joining the walks, I must have seen the dog at least once interact with fellow dogs, during an individual walk beforehand (free of charge). In order to create balanced groups of dogs, I might reschedule a walk if the group is too unbalanced *

éducateur chien

Collective hikes

Organized hikes in small groups (4 dogs maximum) or à la carte for groups that are already formed (please contact me) in the Hautes-Pyrénées 

Level from medium to difficult (depending on time and elevation)

Price depending on the length of the hike (from 30 to 50 euros/dog)

*As I am not a mountain guide, I am not authorized to guide on difficult terrain. The hikes will take place in middle altitude, in good weather conditions only*

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