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éducateur canin bagnères-de-bigorre

Dog trainer & Behavior Consultant

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Who am I ?

I am Juliette, a dog trainer and canine behavior consultant. I am located in the Hautes-Pyrénées, between Tarbes and Bagnères-de-Bigorre, but I also work throughout France and internationally by videooconference.

I come to your home to help you solve your companions's behavioral issues, to guide you in the process of adopting a puppy or an adult dog, and to give you the keys to understanding and accompanying better your life companion(s). 

éducateur canin Tarbes

My journey to Dog Behaviorism

Surrounded by dogs since childhood, I nevertheless started my career in a completely different sector. Initially a social worker, I spent many years supporting people with psychosocial difficulties. My approach is therefore deeply influenced by my initial vocation; I wish to guide dogs and people with the same empathy, kindness and respect.

The adoption of my life companion, Azuki, pushed me to drastically deepen my knowledge of canine behavior, in order to respond to the problems that arose on a daily basis, and to improve my relationship with my dog.

Over the course of my readings and my discoveries in the field, my initial passion again imposed itself on me, and I made the decision to professionalize and further develop my skills.

So I went back to school, validated the ACACED (French Certificate of Knowledge for Animals of Domestic Species), and started a long training course as a canine behavior consultant. At the same time, I train continuously (paid training, webinars, readings...) in order to offer you ever more qualitative and personalized support. 

My working methods

My beliefs and my working method can be summed up very simply: unconditionnal respect for physical, emotional and psychological integrity of dogs and humans. 

I exclusively use positive methods, using the dog's motivation, respecting its limits, and yours. 

Solidly trained and up to date with my knowledge of canine behavior, I never use fear, discomfort, pain or stress to stop or modify a behavior.

This is a commitment that I make to you and your dog, and my ultimate goal is to allow you to acquire enough knowledge to ensure your dog's safety and that of others, while preserving your relationship.

My trainings

2021: - De Main de Maître webinar : Agression & Reactivity

             - Internship at Think Dog - Cynologist

2022 : - Dog Behavior Consultant training at Humanimalis (currently                      training)

             - ACACED (French Certificate of Knowledge for Animals of                              Domestic Species)

             - Muzo + training: Walking on a leash, Behavior analysis and                          modification

             - Cynospy training : Friendly rehabitation

2023 : - Muzo + trainings : Hunting Games Level 1 : an introduction to                        scentwork

             - De Main de Maître webinars : My dog bit : what now?,                                     Understanding your puppy and adolescent dog, Bite                                     Prevention


Readings and webinars in English: Don't shoot the Dog (Karen Pryor), Hunting Together (Simone Mueller), Don't Eat That! (Simone Mueller), Rocket Recall (Simone Mueller), Separation Anxiety in Dogs (Malena Demartini-Price), From Fearful to Fear free : A Positive Program to Free Your Dog from Anxiety, Fears, and Phobias (Marty Becker, DVM)


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