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Les Pyrénées : On or Off the leash? A recap on the law

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Les Pyrénées are full of dream walks and hikes to explore with our companions. However, there are rules and laws to know - and to respect, in order to ensure peaceful cohabitation between all mountain users. Here is a complete point on the regulations concerning the obligation- or not - of having your dog on a leash in the Pyrénées.

This article's purpose is NOT to discuss the necessity of having your dog on a leash or not depending on his behavioral problems, this question will be addressed in another article. This is a purely regulatory point, following extensive research on the issue. - on national territory, dogs must be kept on a leash on public roads IN URBAN AREAS (therefore, in town). In urban PARKS, to clarify, it depends on municipal decrees - on national territory, outside urban areas, leashing is regulated by municipal decrees and must be indicated by an EXPLICIT sign. In other words, no municipal decree, no sign, no leash obligation - in addition, from 15.04 to 30.06 of each year, dogs must be kept on a leash OUTSIDE OF FOREST AISLES in wooded areas throughout the national territory - concerning the Pyrenees specifically: dogs are simply FORBIDDEN in the heart of the national park, with a few exceptions which are detailed on their website. You will find the delimitation zone of the core zone of the park here: des pyrenees - in the MEMBERSHIP zone, the same rules apply as on the national territory : the municipal decrees decide. So municipal decree = leash, no decree = dogs can go off the lead - finally, French law differentiates freedom and wandering. Depending on the location, freedom is tolerated, wandering is prohibited. Wandering = dog more than 100m away from its owner and/or out of reach of any recall instrument In any case, it is advisable to call the mairies in order to know the legislation on their territory and to locate the herds, which are very present in our mountains from May to October (even November), and to ALWAYS put your dog on a leash, even if its recall is excellent, near the herds. Sources: Juliette Sastre

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